Southern Cross Audio started as a repair shop for guitar stores and poor musos, repairing old amps, keeping the dream alive. Coupled with a listening love for all kinds of music and a passion for recording, repairs in those fields followed.


After doing much custom tube amp building across the years, with a lifetime of chasing tone thru owning more gear than my wife's allowed to know about, and being encouraged by everyone who hears what it is we do, we have decided to push into the world of manufacturing an amp brand.
One that is inherently Australian from inception to stage. A very big part of who we are is about where we are. This great nation is close to our hearts and in everything we do we aim to promote Australia and being Australian and what that means as a business owner and manufacturer of quality hand made instruments.
I aim for the stars of the southern cross to be seen on stages the land over. And so much more to follow. Quite by chance though poetically, my first design the Blues Healer, was inspired by an early Aussie guitar amp I had my hands in.
A bunch of amp circuits that I’d not seen put together quite this way. The early builder had come up with some ideas that were fresh then rather than reproduced. As an inspiration, it gave way to something quite terrifying and beautiful, fresh and Australian, and a little left of centre. 
This is merely the start of a story. As with great Aussie tradition, the story will grow in the re-telling.
Best part is you can believe what you hear when it comes to music ;)
Whether you need repairs to gear, vintage or modern, or a new take on guitar tones
                                                           Southern Cross Audio will do its best to satisfy.
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